ADM Sails carry out sail repair, winter servicing and valeting for sailing yachts and dinghies.

From our sail loft in Heybridge, Essex we provide full sail loft services including winter sail services and general sail repairs.

Some of the recent sail repairs we have carried out include:

  • Sacrificial strip replacement. (u.v strips).
  • Repairing batten end pockets on sailing dinghies and yachts.
  • Patching spinnaker tears and panel replacement.
  • General winter service.
  • Valeting.
  • Sail re cutting.

ADM sails can repair sails made out of all modern or traditional materials including laminates, dacron, monofilm and traditional flax or clipper canvass.

Please call Andrew McIvor for all your sail loft requirements on 07739097575.

Damaged sail

Repaired sail