ADM Sails can make sails for all dinghy classes and one design, including training sails.

Our cad design, laser cutting and vast data base for information on rigs and boats ensures dinghy designs both supremely fast but also allowing us to make sails that are for both the top end national championship sailor or the club racer/cruiser.

Not being tied to any one cloth supplier allows us to make sails from materials that other sailmakers may have to shy away from and possibly giving the sailor that added performance on the fleet.


For this reason ADM Sails have prices for all dinghy sails, however these are available to 'tweek' and alter to suit your sailing and racing requirements.

Sails for various classes are also available in Membrane construction (POA).

Please call Andrew McIvor for your requirements. 07739097575

New Dinghy Sails
Dinghy Training Sails